While I was travelling last week, I was reminded of one of the reasons a new member joined the Food is the Gateway Community. She shared that her main health and lifestyle goal is to live life to its FULL POTENTIAL. 

You might think this is a BIG statement, but to be honest with you, it has been the biggest driver for me, to never ever give up in my search on how I could have everything in my life that is meaningful to me and enjoy every element of it. I feel blessed to realise that I have reached this point by applying the simple principles of Ayurveda to my life, the ancient health and lifestyle philosophy that allows an individual approach to balanced health and living. 

Does that mean that my life is a bed of roses? Nope, but I don’t dread the ‘less pleasant’ things in life anymore, because I know they are part and a necessity to enable living my dream life.

It is kind of being realistic and accepting that if having that Miss Dior car would be an element that would give me fulfilment in my life, what would I be able and willing to do for it, while I remain working on being balanced every day.

So, what happened during my day of travel that made me remember my earlier search of how to live my life to the MAX and how I now use the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, with it’s three Body Types Vata, Pitta and Kapha, in my modern day life to accomplish this.

Travel always increases Vata. Vata is one of the three energies that is present in everyone and everything around us. It represents air and ether. When on the go, there is more air, more movement, wind in the environment around you than normal and that has an effect on you.

The body and mind are both influenced by your physical movement and movement around us.

I keep my body balanced while traveling by eating grounding foods and sticking to my eating routines, keep the quantities and mealtime the same. I Pre-pack some nutritious food, so I’m not totally reliable on what airports offer.

Furthermore, I use eye drops and put some extra moisturiser on my skin, because both also tend to dry out.

During travel, I keep hydrated by drinking more water than normal throughout the day to prevent the increase wind to dehydrate me. I advise you to drink a green tea instead of coffee on a travel day and don’t go mad on the free alcoholic drinks on the plane. Should you consume 1 or 2, make sure to drink even more water.

Especially when flying, there is the risk of dehydration, resulting in headaches or constipation. But also during overland travel, because we want to avoid needing a bathroom too often.

This is a video I shot when I was traveling with my family and where I spoke on the topic of constipation for a few days, because it was bothering me.


I'm constipated like H#[[.Why, the Effect and What to do?!Join: http://www.ingehart.com/Food-is-the-Gateway

Posted by Inge Hart on Sunday, July 30, 2017

When it comes to nourishing my mind, I use travel in my advantage. It always increases my creativity. Being out of my ‘normal environment’ just stimulates me thoughts in a positive way. I see opportunities and possibilities everywhere. It’s like letting go of all boundaries.

Being in an airport, seeing all kinds of different people, being in a different surrounding even if it is for a day always boost my imagination. Literally getting on a plane opens up the world and brings me to a higher level.  I use this moment to take a helicopter view on where I stand, where I want to go and what I need to do to get there. As you know I’m pragmatic.

So, I see new ways how I can help other busy working women to take care of themselves and their family in an easy, positive and doable way. I think of ways how to create tools for working moms so they can also balance family life and work. 

A day of travel for me is a day of new experiences. I need new experiences to stimulate my creativity, to give an impulse to how I contribute in a purposeful way to others’ lives. By taking time to live my passion for travel and new experiences I nurture one of the 4 elements that nourish me. Self-care together with a yoga practice, spending time with my family and friends while running a purposeful business are what I need to live a balanced life.

Once we truly understand ourselves and are able to nourish our body and mind with the food and other external input that are right for us according to our Body Constitution than we start to flourish. When we also know how to daily work on balancing our body and life by adjusting our diet and other elements, we start to thrive. We transform to living our true self.

Find out what works for you, which foods, activities, people and way to earn an income. Allow your uniqueness to determine how you design your life. Use Food as a Gateway by eating according to your Body Type. Listen to your body and calm your mind by balancing yourself on a daily basis

Know yourself!

Know how to balance yourself and you will be able to live your life to your full potential.

With LOVE,