This week a client stayed with me for 2 days. It’s power consulting! Never sure what’s going to happen, because each person is unique and it’s all about connecting and meeting each other at the level the client is at. It’s a beautiful intense time, as the client gets clear on what they want and by talking and allowing themselves to be open and honest with themselves. This clarity provides space to determine what action can be taken in an easy, positive and doable way to reach my client’s desired health and lifestyle.

While we walk, cook, eat and relax we talk about how my client can handle everything on her plate being a single mom with 2 kids, having health issues, desiring a different lifestyle, but also feeling trapped in having to live by the terms that society has put upon her. Where to start to change her health and lifestyle. We speak about issues most important to her now the mental and physical state of her two beautiful children, her own health issues and the effect of unhealthy eating on her and her family. She proudly tells about how she already incorporated exercise and yoga into her daily habits. And as she talks more and more she opens up! And then the real issues come out, the underlying things she might have never thought of and that prevent her from accomplishing her health and lifestyle goal. And right then and there, I offer support, based on her Unique Body Constitution and the insight she gave me in her current condition and how she got there, I’m able to help her break the vicious circle she is caught up in.

Because let’s get real, what happens to her, happens to every one of us!

We know the life we desire and how we want to feel and look. But we let ourselves be caught up in daily life over and over again, so:

– We either get very busy, don’t have ME-time and end up feeling frustrated and unfulfilled; or,

– We paralyse and don’t get anything done, create low self-esteem and self-image, and feel insecure and unfulfilled.

You can get out of this vicious circle in a simple, positive and doable way by:

1) Defining your Why,

2) Getting clear on your Purpose,

3) Focussing, and

4) Planning and taking Massive Action.

Heard this before? Tried it and failed?

Have you ever tried it in a way that respected the level you are at, that took into account your current health condition and how your life looks at the moment?

Taking Massive Action doesn’t mean radically turning around every aspect in your life. Let’s get real, you have a family to take care of and need work to earn money. But you also know that self-care and a feeling of purpose and fulfilment are essential to keep you, the caretaker and income provider, energetic and healthy to enjoy and shine in these roles.

The solution is to take Massive Action in a way that respects where you are at; that respects your current lifestyle and health condition. You start working from there and then take steps that are doable. Yes, that’s Massive Action, because it is focussed and it has purpose. You know why you are doing what you are doing, which changes your mind set massively.

A massive shift in mind set happens, because there is commitment and willpower every time you take a new step and incorporate a new healthy activity, habit or routine.

Going through these four phases and then taking massive action in a simple, positive and doable way will lead to sustainable change in your health and lifestyle. Do you feel that burning desire inside you again as you read along? Your old commitment to yourself that you were going to live life on your own terms? Is the doubt kicking in at the same time, not enough time, money, self-doubt, no clue where to start?

The great thing is, you don’t have to figure it out all by yourself!

This is actually where most people get stranded, thinking they always have to do everything on their own, because it is ‘weak’ to ask for help (it takes one to know one…). But I tell you, when you allow gurus, experts, mentors or coaches to come into your life the overload of too much information, no focus, difficulty prioritising, wanting too much too fast, not knowing where to start and not being able to keep grid, vanishes.

As an Integrative Nutrition Coach I support women that have that burning desire to make their life worth it! I help out the power houses who refuse to give up, to make it work to have it all and enjoy it all. The ladies who refuse to accept that kids and age comes with sacrifice, losing zest for life, having less energy and looking less gorgeous and vital, are my clients. The ones who just feel it in every fibre of their body that they are the ones that can live in freedom, have a peaceful family life, look vital, feel energetic, see work as part of their contribution to society and feel massively fulfilled by being able to manage all this in everyday life.

Let’s get to work!

There are 12 areas in life that you want to be able to define how you want them to look. For each of them there are different tools to get clear on what you want and then take focussed simple positive and doable massive action. As you work through all 12 areas you begin manifesting that unique life you desire.

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With Love,

Inge Hart – Balanced Foodologist