Your immunity level is low so you can’t beat that virus going around the office or the one your children bring home from school. In the evening you look like your 3 months pregnant again. You had no breakfast, a small slice of cake at the office, because it was someone’s birthday, a salad for lunch, an apple and granola bar around 4pm to prevent you from fainting and to give you enough energy to get home around 6.30pm to start preparing an easy pasta dish with some vegetables.

You can feel happy and fit

Does this sound familiar to you? And you keep wondering why you are not losing these extra pounds? You also are not in the mood for another trendy diet, because you have tried many of them; Keto, Calorie-Counting, Fully Raw, Low Carb, High Carb, meal replacing shakes & bars, Atkins, Macrobiotic. You know that all of them are not going to work for you in the long run, but still you dream of being more slim, especially after giving birth to your beautiful children.

In the media you see all these gorgeous looking women, who apparently have it all together. They are able to look sexy, happy, fit, and so powerful. Good news for you! You can stop feeling annoyed every day of not having the energy to get play with your children or make excuses to not do your exercises. I will tell you my secret, how you can make your inside show your outside.

Manifesting your best-self

How you look and feel is the condition of your inside conditions. It is important to connect with yourself; find balance again in what you eat, the activities you do, and how you feel. Sometimes you might dream of going on a retreat to Costa Rica or Bali, but the sound of your lovely kids reminds you that you have other responsibilities. This little voice will pop-up saying to you: “Let’s get real, you have a job and a family to take care of.” Directly followed by:

“CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME OUT! I want to live a real life, but also like to enjoy having a healthy body and positive mindset!”


This week I give a FREE workshop on ‘How to soar into 2018 with your health and life goals backed up with desire in a simple, positive and doable way’. Knowing who you are, what you stand for, how to take care of yourself, and enjoying and appreciating everything you have. I give you an introduction where to get started and how to re-connect with your energetic, enthusiastic and lively self again. By realising food and your lifestyle is an individual matter.

FREE workshop on how to soar into a healthy 2018

Determine what your health and lifestyle goals are and know why they are important to you. Find out which foods are right for you. Add them to your diet, so you naturally crowd out what is making you sick. Nourish yourself in all areas of life by determining your priorities and taking action. You can get all this done before the year ends!

“In less than an hour you can get clear and into action mode by joining my FREE Workshop. You can soar into 2018 already on your way to make it an incredible year.”


I know you want to feel that burning desire of just having fun and live simple like when your where young. It’s possible even while having responsibilities like work, mortgages, loans that need to be paid off and parents and children that take care of. Take charge of your life, one bite at a time!

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Make the decision now to get yourself in a better shape and mood before the new year starts. How awesome is it to already understand where your downfalls are, and what you could improve in 2018 to feel more alive and enjoy the time with your family and friends in a healthy way.

Let’s do it together! Because the chance you will succeed increases immensely when you have support!

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