This will sound like music to your ears: Finally, a possibility to deconstruct your cravings, so you can lose weight, get healthy, look gorgeous and have more energy. This is the exact same 8-step process that my clients and I have used to deal with weight loss and weight management to beat hunger and self-limiting thoughts. Read in today’s blog more facts about overweight and how to tackle those cravings. Start today with living a healthier lifestyle in do-able steps.

Overweight creates overweight

It is not uncommon that overweight parents are bringing-up overweight children. Of course, that is something you don’t want for yourself or for your children. A study of the Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis showed that 42 per cent of the 230 researched mothers with overweight did not consider their children to have similar overweight. Only 20 per cent of the overweight mothers could say the correct weight of their children. It all starts with recognising that there is an overweight problem.

Did you know that by having breakfast and dinner together with your family can reduce the risk of your children getting overweight! In Norway the University of Agder found that children who eat breakfast and dinner with their parents are less likely to be overweight than children who are not dining with their parents.

Another study from the University of Minnesota found that people have lower risk of obesity when they eat breakfast compared with people who skip their breakfast routinely. Why skip a meal, if you love to eat and it actually helps you control hunger and loss weight!

Low self-esteem and depression

Overweight has psychological consequences, including lowered self-esteem, depression, low-energy and it even can cause eating disorders such as binge eating, bulimia and anorexia. Especially eating disorders are created in this modern culture where most people worships youthful slim bodies. And let’s get real, we are not all born with a body like a model.

Just a little Ayurvedic fact: the bodies of those topmodels is Vata. If you are born with a different constitutional Body Type (Vata or Pitta) trying to become and look like this is acting against your own nature…

But dealing with overweight, you might feel aspects of shame and guilt towards your body. Another bad thing that can happen is that at work or in school your child gets bullied resulting in social isolation.

So, it is time to LOVE your body and truly CONNECT to everyone and everything you encounter again. Time to take massive action and go for an integrative, doable and easily applicable weight loss program to manage your weight in an integrative 8-step way. This is not a one-size-fits-all diet, this is personal and will restore body-mind connection.  

Recognise these 3 reasons of cravings

My program has 8-steps to manage your weight, and I am going to give you a closer look at 3-reasons that can cause overweight.

  1. Lack of balanced living

A lot of people rush through life on auto pilot. In the morning we bring the kids to school, go to work, and at the end of the day we leave the office and pick-up the kids again. We grab pre-prepared meals and have a quick dinner, because there are still many jobs to be done around the house as well. Probably there is still an email from work to reply or a paper to be finished, so the children have to go to bed quick, quick, quick. Oh, and there is still that call you need to make to your mom or friend. When is their time to bring all these activities in balance?

There are five pillars to life: spiritual practice and exercise, food is an individual matter, health & well-being, family and friends, earning an income – financially being worry free. We live these pillars every day, but we tend to do this in the opposite order of importance, and because of that we aren’t able to take care of ourselves in all areas of life. At the University of Bahrain I gave a talk about this and that carving your pillars according to your individual taste and style will create the body, mind, and life experiences that expresses your unique dream life.

  1. Self-sabotage

It’s important to know yourself. Being aware of your thought patterns and the conditioning that lies beneath them. Recognising the patterns, gives you the opportunity to avoid negative automatic responses that end in self sabotaging actions. For example don’t put yourself down by comparing yourself with others, and thinking you are not worthy of a gorgeous body, prosperity, a rich family life, eating healthy meals, enjoying work AND feeling fulfilled in life.

Sometimes we have to push ourselves a bit in life, as in the difficult moments we can get through. It can help you to get out of the down feelings. Gay Hendriks is the author of Big Leap. He writes that many of us are time inefficient and we should operate from our Zone of Genius.

  1. Influence of hormones

When women experience menstruation, pregnancy, or menopause, fluctuating testosterone and oestrogen levels may cause unique cravings.

Imbalances are caused by running someone else’s schedule instead of your own. Think about late night news, to intense sport regime, eating over your desk during office hours, and having a different pattern than your partner has due to night shifts. All of this can cause: chronic fatigue, low sex drive, intense PMS, cystic acne, even mild depression and other random issues. Of course, you don’t want all of this! It is better to find your natural rhythm and balance your hormones through foods and non-food nourishments.

You are doing this for YOU!

Do you feel it in every fibre of your body, that this is the moment….?

That you want…

And that you need to take focussed action!

That you have this DESIRE to do it for YOURSELF! You can act out of self-love and interest AND your family and the people around will benefit as well. Trust me, everyone benefits from the results of you having plenty of energy, feeling vital and alive.

In this blog I showed you 3 out of 8 reasons that can cause cravings;

  • Lack of Balance living
  • Self- sabotage
  • Influence of hormons

The other 5 are:

  • Water; You experiencing dry eyes, headache, sluggishness, nausea, dizziness, dry skin and constipation? That are possible signs of THIRST!
  • Festive Food Vibes; Often the body craves foods that balance the elements of the season, and what craving are you going to satisfy during the next holiday celebration?
  • Right body type; Foods have different qualities. Eating too much of a certain food or not having enough variety in your diet causes imbalances resulting in cravings.
  • Current condition of foods; The foods we often eat nowadays do not look anything like what our grandparents ate. They are genetically modified, meat is full of hormones and anti-biotics, fish is full of plastic that’s floating around in the ocean, the fruits and vegetables are covered with pesticides, products are coloured and flavoured with additives, the nuts and seeds are full of polluted water…

These 8 root causes of cravings are the fundament of my program: “Weight lose without a diet”. Find out is the right food for your body type and how to increase the nutritional value of your food. And what specific amount of water you need to drink. These and many more individualised solutions for long lasting weight loss without a diet to deal with weight loss, beat hunger and self-limiting thoughts, so you can manage your weight afterwards, be confident and love your body.

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