This week I give you 5 ways to heal your hormone imbalance without medicines or diet adjustments! Imbalances are caused by running someone else’s schedule instead of your own.

Think about late night news, to intense sport regime, eating over your desk during office hours, and having a different pattern than your partner has due to night shifts.   All of this can cause: chronic fatigue, low sex drive, intense PMS, cystic acne, even mild depression and other random issues. Of course, you don’t want all of this! It is better to find your natural rhythm and balance your hormones through foods and non-food nourishments.

The right mind-set

A lot of women feel that they need to keep up with other women. While you are seated on the couch and you hear your friends are going for an after-work party or exercise every day at least 2 hours, it might feel as if you do something wrong and you might even beat yourself up on it.   I am here to tell you not everybody is the same and writing yourself of as ‘lazy’ is not productive or helpful at all. It is important to read our body signs and relax when your body is asking for it, but motivate yourself as well to do sports and achieve work that needs to be done. Your body is a delicate system, by respecting it you will place it in the right flow with your rhythm.

Symptoms of Hormonal imbalance

How do you recognise that you are out of hormonal balance? You are not supposed to push and pull your body in different directions the whole day. Symptoms that you have been doing this can be:

  1. Exhaustion
  2. Lack of sex drive
  3. More intense PMS
  4. Feeling of guilt, shame or depression for no particular reason
  5. Appearance of cystic acne (especially on jaw line and chin)
  6. Weight gain around the middle of your body

Are you having any of these symptoms or maybe more than one? Remember the body has the power to heal itself by itself. Here are my 5 ways of living more balanced and you will naturally start living in line with your female body, instead of dragging yourself along on someone else’s agenda. The result? You will start feeling more energised and vibrant than ever. Here we go!

5 Ways to balance hormones with non-foods:

1.Empower yourself : Even if your health is not optimal; YOU ARE PERFECT! Trust your body by listing to it to take the actions that will help it heal itself by itself. The answers come from within. This is the way to let your body naturally reach help.

2.Get real about rest :  Do you know that you probably live longer if you have enough sleep? In 2002 research was done on 1.1 million adults living worldwide, the outcome suggests adults live longer if they sleep 6 to 7 hours at least. If you are chronically exhausted and trying hard to push yourself throughout the day; maybe you should get some more rest. Especially Pitta woman have a natural drive to accomplish a lot during the day and are in a do-do-do-mode.

For the upcoming weekend, I dare you to sleep in one morning as long as you want or take naps as often as you like. Tell your kids and husband you are having a recharge day. Take it easy during the rest of the day as well. Just do what you feel like. I assure you that your body will feel way better after this. Sometimes we really need to take a break and having a good rest. If you are feeling too tired for a long time, consider to take a few days off. Your body needs to get back in balance.


3. Balance your nervous system: Most people spend their life in the ‘fight-or-flight danger zone’ (synthetic nervous system). Our body doesn’t know the difference between types of stress; like being chased by a bear, or relationships stress, or work-related stress. When your body is in this sympathetic state your body can’t repair itself, as it is in a fighting-zone.

When your body is in the rest-and-digest state (parasympathetic nervous system) the body can relax and heal. This happens by sleeping, laughing, meditation, reiki, intimacy like cuddles and sex. The more you can activate your parasympathetic nervous system by relaxing and having fun, the more healthier and happier your physical, emotional and spiritual body will be.

4.Evaluate exercise : The harder you work, the more exhausted you can get. Depending on your Body Type and condition you might actually need to adjust your exercise regime. For slim people, with fine limbs and fast movements, known in Ayurveda as Vata types, slow, light sports, which keep the body moving continuously for 15 – 20 minutes, are the most appropriate. These include walking, swimming, dancing and cycling. Vata types should be particularly careful not to overdo sports, and in winter should possibly prefer indoor sports, because they are not so well suited to the cold.

People with moderate to vigorous physique, Pitta types, with good thermostasis, whose heat production is balanced, can tolerate more exercise. Suitable activities include: water sports such as swimming and surfing, all sports that are practiced in the open air such as, skiing, climbing, cycling, light jogging and all ball and team sports.

Those who by nature are more solidly built, Kapha types, may often not be very motivated, but, they will especially benefit from regular exercise. They may make their sport sessions a little more intense and longer. Recommended sports: jogging, long distance running and rowing. I actually know a woman that used to run 5 miles daily and kept on being overweight until she had the meditation and Chi Chong sessions during a summer camp and got slender and toned than ever before. As I always say: try it out yourself and see if it works for you.

5.Embrace the power of community: Apparently if we feel embraced by a community we live longer and have less risks to heart diseases. Lissa Rankin studied the people of the village Rosetto, mainly Italian immigrants with bad habits as eating unhealthy, smoking and drink alcohol. She also found out they were never lonely, a crucial element to human health. We are meant to live in community with human connection.

Join our community now

If you were reading this article and realised that the symptoms are factors you are experiencing at the moment, it is time to change! I invite you to choose one of the 5 ways to balance your hormones this week and apply it. Here they are one more time:

  1. Empower yourself
  2. Get real about rest
  3. Balance your nervous system
  4. Evaluate exercise
  5. Embrace the power of community.

After one week continue doing another one, until you have done all 5. I would love to hear from you in the comments how you feel and what you experienced by allowing your body to get natural support again. There is also a great Facebook group if you like to get daily tips about a balanced living, and learn more about approaching your diet, health and lifestyle in an individual way. Join Food is the Gateway today!