One of the things I do every night before I go to sleep is to feel grateful for things that have been happening during the day. I focus on all the positive elements in my life based on the  5 pillars: spiritual & exercise, food, friends & family, work, and the magical fifth pillar! Best thing of doing this every evening is that I go to bed with a smile. You like to know how my day went? Here it is:


  1. Spirituality & Exercise: I did my morning intentions and evening reflection, and had a nice walk with my furry dog on the beach with my family.


  1. Food: The whole day I had balanced meals that are right for me. I eat simple, tasty looking, and nourishing home-cooked meals together with my family.



  1. Friends & Family: Grandma and aunty joined us to the end of year gathering at my children’s ‘Home Learning Centre’. Is amazing to see the true connection of the kids their passion and goals. They grow so beautifully.


  1. Work: I had a powerful meeting in the morning with the team of “The Balanced Foodologist” about how we can serve you even better taking charge of your life, one bite at a time. I fills my heart with joy knowing that I work with likeminded people.


  1. And this is where the MAGIC happened: I did everything that is important to me in life, because I focussed and am clear on what brings me joy and a feeling of fulfilment.


This last magical pillar will give you support when things are not going that smooth in life. It will give you the possibility to either bounce back up quickly or go through a difficult period in live without your whole house crumbling down.


It all can nourish you in an unique way with the right combination of food and non-foods.  This will keep your Prana (life energy) flowing in your body. If you like to know more about balancing your food and non-food download my FREE e-book, and read more of my blogs.


Just remember tonight, before you go to sleep to think positive about your 5 pillars in life. Suddenly it all will look a lot clear to you, and fills you up with good energy to have a nice sleep.


– Inge Hart –