Fruits are the ideal snack to take along on a daytrip.

And a fun experiment during an outdoor excursion in Asia .

Have lunch at an agritourismo in Italy and check out their available fresh products.

Head out to a local markets in Australia to meet and great the local farmers and learn about their culture and the way they grow there fruits.

And do go to weekend markets, which most of the time also have other great products and are lovely for the kids to meet other children and you to experience life in the area you are visiting.

So what to eat to keep the body and mind cool on hot summer days?

It’s all about avoiding increasing the Pitta (fire) in your body, because the outdoor temperature is already doing that job for you.

General rule of tumb: Eat only SWEET fruits.

Banana, but only in moderation. If you have diarrhea you can eat it, if bothered with constipation avoid it completely.

Same goes for Papaya, lemon and lime only in moderation.

Avocado: is it a fruit, is it a vegetable? let’s agree on that it is just yummie! Enjoy it to keep cool, in a salad or a drink, both lovely.

If you are in Italy… fresh figs.

Guava, pears, prunes and sweet grapes. And I’m not secretely referring to the nice wines, desset wines and ports in France, Portugal and Australia. But do enjoy them, but for a different reason.

Raisins! Which are perfect for the children. And if you like nuts, so easy to mix it up and voila…. you trail mix for a hike.

Melons and watermelons . Just take a knife with you and cut it up on the beach! Only organic waste. Watermelon is great for dehydration. But those of you with a Kapha constitution, remember you tend to hold on to water, so do increase your water intake in summer, but be mindful of the amounts.

Pomegrate… great for in a cooling salad. Make sure there are proteins in your salad, you don’t want to be hungry again an hour after having lunch.

And finaly, one of my favorites… Coconut. If you are in Asia enjoy this healthy drink. You drink it straight up, from the coconut. It’s the best there is, and in the unfortunate event of a family member getting sick, this drink does wonders. Why? Because it’s full of elektrolytes and it almost exactly resembles the composition of blood.

Enjoy your holiday, keep cool using these sweet fruit and…

You can use food in this way also when you are back home and your hectic life is taking over again. Eating cooling foods, during a busy day or after exerise can be very beneficial.

Wondering how this can work for you and your family while running a busy schedule with hardly any spear time left over…

Click this link and find out: Discover simple amazing food strategies for busy women.