More than five years ago the I arrived with my family on Bali for a gap year. Little did we know that this Magical Island would become our new home-base.

During our first few months, Thijs and Isis were only 1 and 3 years old back then, we chilled out in the beautiful lush green surroundings of North Bali, catching our breath after many hectic years back home in the Netherlands.

After a few months we put up camp in Ubud, so I (Inge) could study yoga on a daily basis, not expecting I would be hearing a simple story from the internationally renowned yoga teacher Prem Carlisi, who still until today is a living inspiration for me on connecting spirituality to daily life. I’m grateful he came on my path, because the question how we actually benefit in daily life, when the times are rough, from a healthy lifestyle in which food, spirituality and people play a huge role, has always fascinated me.

When I stepped into Prem and Radha’s Shala in Ubud, Bali in February 2011 I didn’t know I would start a lifetime journey receiving answers with respect to this question. Now being dedicated to a daily yoga practice for almost 5 years, I feel I got some insights that will not only benefit me, but also help other women to empower themselves to bring back balance and vitality into their live.

This is how my personal journey that resulted in the Five Pillars to a Balance Life started. It started with a story told by my dear yoga teacher Prem Carlisi and his lovely wife Radha. Their words spoken in February 2011 where so simple but had a huge impact on me. It was the sparkle that ignited the fire that is burning in me today to live my passion and share it with you!

Prem is a guru who understands the world outside the yoga Shala, the hectic existence and the challenges people face in daily life. He understands conditions of nowadays society. He maybe doesn’t agree with it, but he knows about it and respects students having to deal with those conditions everyday. He doesn’t judge you or tells you what to do. He and Radha give suggestions and general remarks to you, during your practice or during one of the Thursday talks. Each person will take from those talks what is good for him at that moment. This is what I heard in March 2011.

The simple story that turned out to become my second nature!

The story went a little like this:

“We all live a busy life. We start our day, most of us, by being woken up by the alarm clock. We quickly get dressed, rush our kids to school and get to the office as quickly as possible. There we spend hours. Most of the time not caring about what we eat and drink, because we have deadlines to make.

Than at the end of the day around 6 or 7 o’clock we go and to pick up our kids, grab pre-prepared meals and have a quick dinner, because there are still many tasks at home to be done and probably also a bit more work. Kids have to go to bed. Maybe you need to call your mom or a friend.

You didn’t make it to the he gym because you stayed in the office until 7 o’ clock instead of leaving at 5 to work out before picking up the kids. And after cleaning up your house in the evening, getting the kids to bed and preparing household for the next day, you are too tired to even consider doing some meditation, let alone yoga or pick up studying some topic you find interesting. You crash in the couch with cookies or a bag of chips checking your phone for the latest work emails and that’s your comfort moment for the day”.

It was so obvious to me that he was telling the truth. He was telling it in a very respectful way. Than he posed the question that was my aha-moment; the click, the SPARKLE.

“Shouldn’t it be the other way around? First do you spiritual practice, check in on your health, spend loving and caring time with friends and family and then focus on work or your business?”.”

The obvious answer is of course yes! With that answer instantly came the “but’s”. How on earth is this possible for a working mom?

I realised in that moment sitting there in that Shala in Ubud, Bali that it was my mission to find out how this could work for us women juggling motherhood, earning an income, wanting to take care of our own health as well as our families and having a social live on the side that we actually enjoy.

The question that specifically drove me was: “How to get out of auto mode and actually feel satisfied and fulfilled, and enjoy everyday while feeling energetic and in balance?

I have invested 4 years of my own life, that of my family and the lovely team of Villa Bloom Bali, a healthy lifestyle heaven in Bali, how this can be done on a daily basis. And by living by the Five Pillar philosophy myself I can tell you from my own experience what the benefits are for you, the people surrounding you and even your employer or your business.

This story is the source of what I now call the Five Pillars of a Balanced Life. A simple framework you might even want to call it, that will help you create awareness to enable yourself to make decisions that will empower you, give you energy and bring back that feeling of balance in your life. It’s a simple framework you can learn and apply and I’m there to assist you so you can find out what balance means for you and how to take steps so you can bring back the vitality and balance into your life.

Send me a message if you are interested to work with me. We can have a call to see if we are a good match to get you empowered to trust your gut and align your inner needs with how you spend your days.

Inge – Balanced Foodologist