I don’t know about you, but I always seem to forget birthdays and important anniversaries. It is not really a big problem if it is from one your other mum-friends from school, your neighbour, or your sport instructor. If it is the date of your own wedding anniversary it might be a different case.

And of course, I forgot this year that date (again). My lovely husband brought me red roses, and I only could think: “Is it this time a year already?” Luckily he knows me well, and as if I had some guidance that week – I already prepared a beautiful day for us in Ubud. I do believe that we get spiritual guidance and the universe had provide me of a plan before I even realized it was for my anniversary.

Perfect day in Ubud

The day that I had planned turned out to be a wonderful day that suited our anniversary perfectly. We started with a Sound Healing Session at Pyramids of Chi. Here you will be in a state of complete bliss with ancient sounds of healing. In two large pyramids you can hear sounds you have never heard before, and focus on your breathing and hearing. You can feel the miraculous amount of energy that is releasing in these pyramids by ancient sounds.

Still impressed by the sounds of Janine Ball, I felt ready to create some more good moments that day. The vibrations of the sounds went over in vibrations of good food. We went to Moksa what is a plant based culinary restaurant based on permaculture. My husband loves to try new flavours and enjoys the taste of well prepared food. At Moksa they create healthy food with an extraordinary and inspiring manner, and we most definitely experienced that.

Feel your true you

I learned during this day again that senses are so important to our bodies. We are creations that can hear, feel, taste, smell, and see. It is amazing when you go to places where senses are stimulated, and you feel happy. By taking good care of yourself, and share these moments with loved ones, you allow to fill your body with positive energy. All blockages will disappear, and you will feel more vibrant than before.

We all need these moments in life, they nourish us. I totally understand not everybody has a few pyramids next door, but we all have restaurants in the city we live or a theatre where they have music sessions. Activate your senses by doing an activity that stimulate your senses. As a mom I know it is easy to make excuses by saying you are too busy or too tired, but the truth is that those kind of activities will recharge you and give you more energy. Enjoy planning an activity that will power-up your senses, and let me know on Facebook what you are going to do.

I will inspire you today with this sound healing session that I listened to from Suntara Music.

Live Sound Healing Journey

Suntara takes you on a Sound Healing Journey live from state-of-the-art recording studio Crash Symphony Productions

Posted by Suntara on Saturday, December 9, 2017

Next blog

I hope you liked the sound healing session, and you will plan a fun activity that will bring your senses alive. Another thing that is happing soon is New Year! Who of you can’t wait to get started in the new year with lots of new energy, and set already goals to realize in 2018?  In my blogpost next Thursday I will share some secrets to make 2018 a successful year in which you will realize your goals and feel happy. In addition we will have an awesome Christmas give-away! So, keep an eye out for Thursday.