What is Clean Eating

Let me start with stating that clean eating means different things to different people. I am not here to argue any of those visions. However, all followers of clean eating agree on one thing: “Don’t eat processed food”. Clean eating revolves around maintaining your personal diet with fresh and unprocessed foods including fruits, vegetables, grains, healthy fats, and some meats, fish, and dairy.

Detoxication and Elimination are the Foundation of our Health

No other generation  has been exposed to as many toxins as we are. The air we breathe is polluted, the water we drink is not clean, the food we eat is processed, the food for our soul is provided by a sensationalizing media, our life style is sedentary, our body cells lack oxygen, vitamins, minerals and enzymes, our organs of detoxification and excretion are overwhelmed and our body is overloaded with waste products and toxins which render it vulnerable to all sorts of bacteria and viruses.

The liver, kidneys, intestines, skin and respiratory tract and the lymph system need to be in optimal condition to keep the body clean and the mind clear, so our soul can be expressed through positive thoughts and pure meaningful action.

Signs of an overloaded body

Signs of the body that your system needs some love and attention in the area of detoxication:
– Fluid retention
– Skin breakouts and congestion
– Sore, red or stinging eyes
– Waking consistently between 2-4 AM – especially waking hot
– Lumpy breasts that swell with your cycle
– Feeling like you could eat your arm off
– Not hungry for breakfast – craving only coffee in the morning
– Digestive problems Constipation, diarrhea, bloating and IBS
– Increase in body fat
– Cellulite
– Poor energy
– Short temper – easily

The three types of Detox

There are three types of detoxing that can help your body restore it’s balance, so you can be fit, healthy and happy:

1. A clean diet
2. Detoxing based on vegetable/fruit juices, salads and soups
3. Fasting – only drinking water and herbal

As said before detoxification is something that should be part of your body’s daily tasks. When there is a well established mind-body connection you will eat mindfully, therefore never over eat and intuitively knowing what foods you need. However, the quantity and quantity of food we consume nowadays tend to build up toxins in our body and together with environmental influences, stress and bacteria’s they can cause discomfort, illness and disease. In this case a detox can be beneficial.

When you RESET your eating habits via a gently 3-Day Clean Eating Detox Plan, you can experience the effects of the bodies ability to detoxify and elimination on a regular daily ongoing bases. You REBOOT your body for ENERGY and CLARITY.

Use this FREE 3-Day Clean Eating Detox to start your transformation to a body that detoxifies and eliminates in an optimal way everyday.

Who can do a 3-Day Clean Eating Detox?

I know you are a busy mom, a woman with a career, that is why I have made this 3-day Clean Eating Detox Plan simple and easy, so you can do it at home. You will notice your body feeling fresher and lighter, because it didn’t have such a hard job dealing with processed food, too much meat or lack of nutrition.

Many busy women who do this 3-Day Clean Eating Detox are so surprised by the huge impact while still being able to eat, not feel hungry and not having any cravings, that they want to continue…

3 Days of clean eating in a simple positive way is often just the quick fix you need to physically and mentally feel empowered to make healthy and nutritious eating part of your lifestyle.

Marieke Terpstra, Designer at her own label posted about her experience in the Food is YOUR Gateway community:

” I’m super happy, the scale said 65 kilo this morning. JOEHOE, Clarity of mind is amazing as well and I lost so much weight in only 6 days.”

Marieke felt so great after the 3-Day Clean Eating Detox, that she added another 3 days doing a Raw Food Cleanse. She wasn’t hungry at all during those days.

Dagmar Fleuren, photographer and mom of 2, decided to give it a go and followed up with 3 more days. I was very happy she asked for my guidance, so I could provide her with the right recipes and mental guidance. The 3 Day Juice Fast is different from a water fast, it’s based on vegetable and fruit juices, nutritious soups, herbal drinks and if you Wheatgrass can be added as ENERGY BOOSTER.

It’s amazing to wake up and kind a message like this in your inbox:

I’ll be upfront and say, I’m personally not a big fan of fasting (only drinking water) and I think it should be only done under supervision.

However, doing a Clean Eating Detox followed by Raw Food Cleanse and Juice Fast can be an excellent idea if you want to improve your skin, sharpness of mind, flexibility and fitness in 9 days. You not only clean up you body, but you also feed it give your body the right nutrients so you clean, eliminate and regenerate at the same time!

And after these 9 days, it is easy to transform into making clean eating based on the foods that are right for you your second nature.

Should you be inspired to see what would be a way for you to start eating clean on a daily bases and maybe starting it off with a clean eating detox, followed by a Raw Food Cleanse and maybe a Juice Fast, get in touch with me!