Do you want to be committed to living a happy and healthy life? Only you don’t feel disciplined enough to do your groceries and meal preparations, because it seems such a fuzz…

This week I am going to give you all the ins and outs to start your day in a simple, positive and doable way! Your mornings are your new starting point of your healthy lifestyle; with more energy, yummy nutritious food options, so you can support your family in a quick and healthy way.

Health facts for Children and Adults who skip breakfast

Did you know a study of 5,000 children in the age group from 9 till 11 years old by Cardiff University showed that children are twice as likely to score higher than average grades if they start the day with a healthy breakfast?! In Australia, they held a survey among more than 500 teachers asking them how students perform if they skip breakfast. Most of the teachers state that students without a breakfast lose 2 hours of learning a day, because of lack of concentration and behaviour problems related to hunger.

For adults, research of Loughborough University in the UK found out that skipping breakfast can lead to a dip in athletic performance later in the day, what basically means that after work you might not feel like going to the gym at all. The University of Bath, also in the UK, state that people who eat breakfast burn more calories throughout the day than people who skipped breakfast. In addition to that people who eat breakfast have a tighter blood sugar control, and will be less hungry during the day.

I know how you feel!

Do you feel cranky, nauseous, and do you experience low energy levels in the morning? You can get these feelings if you have an unhealthy breakfast, don’t eat enough or even skip breakfast. Last little morning fact; did you know that overweight women who skip breakfast are prone to have unhealthy spikes in their insulin and glucose levels after lunch – what makes them gain more weight!

Well it must be clear by now having breakfast is important. As a mum I understand that mornings can be hectic, especially with the kids running around, hubbie is getting ready for work, and the dog likes to have a walk; all before your own work day will start! So how to start getting a healthy breakfast into your lifestyle, to make sure the whole family is eating healthy and leaving the house with a smile on their face. I will help you!

Breakfast at Inge’s

Start with a healthy breakfast and you will benefit form it during the whole day, as different studies have state that people who have a good breakfast will chose for more healthy food options during the day as well. I apply in my life a 3-steps proven formula that is helping me to schedule my shopping and food preparations. I adjust different flavours according to my personal taste and body type by Ayurvedic principles.

The recipes are easy and the preparation techniques are quick. I also make sure the general basic recipes are change based on seasonal availability of ingredients and to offer a variety of taste during the week. I love to create a morning routine, and know that my children are well-nourished on their way to school in the morning.

Now it is your time!

You can join this easy breakfast habit with my exact step-by-step approach. I help you to implement your breakfast and new healthy habits in a sustainable way. Do you want to get access to:

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Your mornings are your starting point to a healthy lifestyle, and by eating breakfast you will have a significant lower risk of getting obesities, keep your blood pressure balanced, and feel more energy during the day. Some simple changes in your morning routine can give you and your family a more enjoyable lifestyle!

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