I became the Balanced Foodologist after realising that I had my priorities the wrong way around and I decided to make my health and lifestyle leading.

This didn’t happen overnight.

To be honest I didn’t feel balanced for most part of my life. At a young age, I created the idea that being a lawyer at a top-notch law firm would provide me with the social environment and belongings that would make my life perfect. So, it was quite devastating when this dream life didn’t make me feel happy, healthy and fulfilled.

I thought changing jobs was the solution, but I struggled to manage everything on my plate. Taking care of kids, running a household, having a full-time job, eating healthy, yoga, exercise and having fun times with family and friends was an undoable combination that left me with pure frustration.

I felt tired and foggy in my head all the time. I turned on Autopilot and all the joy was taken out of fun things because they had become must do’s to prevent stress, sickness and weight gain.

Work dictated my agenda, then taking care for others and at the bottom of the pyramid it was me. When I realised I had my priorities the wrong way around I started changing my life. From then on, my health and lifestyle became leading.

Although I seemed to be a healthy person I just felt I wasn’t eating the right foods because I stayed low on energy and my kids were hungry all the time.

So, I started studying food and lifestyle philosophies. Experimented with it on myself and later applied it to my family. I kept what worked and let go of what didn’t. It became clear which foods caused the “discomforts” in my family like tiredness, ear infections, running noses, eczema and rashes and I even started healing my leaky gut.

Without any doubt, I can say this has transformed my life.

I don’t like to cook, but I know how food effects how we feel and what we accomplish. So, I replaced my stock with basic whole food ingredients and found new easy and quick recipes that are right for my family. The constant craving for food stopped. I have plenty of energy and I feel vital and alive. And being in this state created clarity in all areas of my life.

My whole journey, that still continues today, is inspired on three insights I had. An integrated understanding and incorporation of them all into my daily life has made me transform from being frustrated, tired and not enjoying every moment of my life, to feeling energetic, balanced and living a fulfilling life every day while taking care of my family, running a household and a business, having a daily yoga practice and exercise, cook and spending time with my friends.

I believe all women should feel vital and alive and are entitled to know how they can benefit from living healthy in good and challenging times.

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With Love, Inge