If you are a busy mom who wants to make sure you and your family eat a variety of food during the week that will prevent illness and maintain health this is the way to go

I call it my Balanced Foodologist Food Freedom System….!!

I get to be stress and worry free during the week, just by sitting down once a week and putting together my Personal Balanced Meal Plan based on:

  • Body Constitution
  • The health and wellness dis ease my family is bother with
  • Basic understanding of food and food combining
  • The schedule for that week (sport, birthday, play dates, dinner party, outings).

Put together a shopping list based on your Personal Balanced Meal Plan and you only:

  • have to go to the store once a week,
  • which will save you time and
  • money.

The above will contribute to your wellness, because you can finally get to do those breathing exercise, have that lavender bath, read a book, go to yoga or run a block.

This is me earlier this week enjoying the manifestation and benefits of the meal planning I did in the weekend. I post simple, positive and understandable messages on health and wellness for you and your family by sharing information, inspiration, tips and tools in the Food is the Gateway Community.

It is all about taking charge of your life, one bite at a time. A structure, tools and a system are the key to transitioning to your individual healthy lifestyle that gives you that feeling of fulfilment, rather than having been able to manage another day.

A one-time investment for life in:

  • A proper kitchen set up
  • Keeping a stock of grains, dried beans and legumes, nuts and seeds, combined with
  • Knowing which grains, veggies, fruits, herbs, spices and oils are right for you and your family
  • Designing a Balanced Meal Plan for worry and stress free weekdays
  • Creating awareness on how food and non-foods effect your life and
  • How to weekly and daily deal with what shows up to potential mess that up.

I run my clients through this in my hands-on Live 8-week Coaching Program, so they can create their own personal Food Freedom System and lay the foundation for living a balanced life. Recreating the body mind connection through awareness around food is the stepping stone to integrating self-care, being surrounded by like-minded people and contributing to society in a fulfilling way provide income to support the life you desire.

And it all starts with the first step, you taking action to create your own Personal Food Freedom System that will take the stress out everything around food and planning our weekly activities and relaxations. The effect? Your personal blueprint to Balanced Living: A diet that nourishes, activities that bring joy and an overall feeling of fulfilment, because it’s clear which food and non-foods are most important to you!

Sounds difficult, confusing and a lot of work?

If you allow yourself time and take steps that respect your lifestyle, this investment has the best ROI imaginable: creating a meal plan leads to joy, time and money 💰 saving.

Breakfast, snacks, meals and treats…. I have it covered.

No stress in my house, wondering what goes in snack boxes or having to buy expensive processed treats after school, because my children are hungry.

Noooooo……… nice stable blood sugar, nourished bodies and happy moods.

If I can create this for myself and my family in the rush hour of our life, you can as well!

I’m now even able to manage those crazy weeks around birthday parties, national celebrations and Christmas. I talked about it in my weekly series Breakfast at Inge’s.

The delicate Balance of Birthday Celebrations, Food and Rituals

Posted by Inge Hart on Tuesday, November 7, 2017


You can as well. Don’t think. But I’m not where you are. Of course not, I wasn’t where I am today 5 years ago….. and I’m not where I want to be……! But here is the thing, with every step we take we get healthier, constipation and hemorrhoids vanish. Your GI-track starts working better, no bloated belly, stomach upsets or crams, vitamins and minerals are better absorbed.

You don’t get the flue this year and you are not spending the weekend in bed with a horrible headache, but you are out seeing friends.

You have energy, so you start doing all those fun things that you didn’t feel up because you were tired and foggy in your head all the time. And that is where the magic starts happening, all that extra nourishment because you have fun, get exercise, can keep up with your children, have time meet and talk to people where you go, instead of running of because you still have so much to do.

Designing your Individual Food Freedom System that aligns with your life and that respects the level you are at, is how you can use Food as the Gateway to an energetic and Fulfilling Life.

With Love,