A new year has started! Do you like to change your eating habits and finally get your weight under control? In this week’s blog, it is all about cravings. Have you ever thought about what a ‘craving’ exactly is?

If you like to change an eating habits related to those extra pounds that you really don’t want to carry around anymore in 2018, it is important to understand what cravings are and why you are having them. 

So, let’s start this new year with explaining what cravings is and how you can tackle it, to prevent you from stuffing your body with unhealthy food. Read on and learn how to lose weight, receive practical tips and start becoming that confident alive woman you have inside of you. 


John Douillard talks about ‘CRAVING ALARM’, as it is an urgent message from your body to your brain. According to Ayurvedic principles it means that somewhere in your body there is a specific nutrient, chemical constituent or hormone out of balance, and it starts calling for food or liquids. It sounds really logical, right? How to tackle this process from happening!  

There are 3 signs that you should be aware of before craving kicks in 

  • Sugar level 
  • Stressing out  
  • Fat burning  

Let’s have a closer look at these three topics.  

 1. Sugar level  

The blood sugar level can be out of balance, either being too high or too low, and both affect your feelings and energy level. If your blood sugar peaks, because you have been eating or drinking something; you will feel great. That is a response we automatically get. Only thing is, that as soon as our bodies rushes to get the sugar out of our blood, you will sense that you are going to feel bad. Once the blood sugar has crashed, the brain starts asking again for more sugar to feel happy again.  

On the other hand, having your sugar level too low is also not a wise idea. Cravings often start because of low blood sugar. People who are tempted to eat irregular, because they skip meals or eat on the go, often get similar effects as people who are stressed. Your energy level drops to zero, because you only give your body a short energy impulse with the food you are eating.  

It is absolutely unnecessary that your blood sugar level is too high or too low, as with a simple and doable meal plan you can tackle every meal and snack on the day itself and keep your sugar level in balance. That’s why balanced meal planning is an important part of my program, it keeps busy women and working moms in their happy zone the whole day.  

2. Stress 

Above I already named the word ‘STRESS’. Food and liquids have a big effect on your stress level, because blood sugar crashes and all kind of processes are set in motion in your body. John Douillard explains the danger of stress to our body: “The major stress-fighting hormone released that responds to the “Craving Alarm” is cortisol, and cortisol is directly linked to a host of degenerative health issues. Insulin is also produced at high levels in an effort to get the excess sugar out of the blood. Unfortunately, both of these hormones are toxic and store fat around the belly four times faster than anywhere else in the body.”  

Of course, we don’t want that for our bodies. To avoid this, we need to be aware of the importance of our eating habits. We should sit down, eat in a calm environment and give our bodies natural wholefoods, so it receives nutrition it deserves.  

3. Fat Burning  

If your body produces a lot of the excessive stress hormones like cortisol and insulin, the ability to burn fat will be replaced with strong cravings for sweets and other unhealthy comfort food.  

This can even become worse when you burn your body fuel in a short time frame, because you eat irregular or not enough food. Your energy level will fluctuate the whole day, leaving you with a desire to snack throughout the day. This overeating and not allowing the digestive system a rest disturbs the balance in the body leading to overweight, digestive issues and other discomforts, illnesses and disease.   

Imbalances caused by sugar consumption, the fat around your belly and stress causes the body to constantly ask for more sugar, so the blood sugar level can be maintained. Again, this is something you don’t want to become habitual to your diet and life.

A simple, practical and doable meal plan, and knowing what the right foods are for will stabilize your fat burning process. This will initiate the rebuild of your nervous system and your brain will get new source of fuel to think clear, which will increase the quality and quantity of work and sport results.  

Let’s start today!  

The beginning of the new year is the perfect time to start your new eating habits, tackle your cravings, lose weight and increase your energy level.  

The only thing you need to do right now is to be really honest with yourself. Do you want to change your diet and with that your lifestyle to become more energetic and radiantly alive?

Don’t wait any longer and just start!

I’m convinced any person can beat the cravings and improve their health one bite at a time, by taking charge of their life again.  

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I wish you an energetic and fulfilling 2018 creating the life you desire and enjoying every step of the way. 

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