It is almost New Years! Are you exited for the 2018? Every year people say to themselves that they will do better than last year, but most of them end up saying this year after year without really getting that ‘best year’ they wish for.

The end of this year we will do it different! I will take you through 3 simple and doable steps to show you how you can  turn 2018 into an incredible year. Let’s get started!

#1. Prioritise and take action

We love to procrastinate our dreams, and most of us wait until the right time is there to start. Let’s be honest; “When is the right time?”

You can start today! That doesn’t mean you have to change your live completely overnight. I always say you can take charge of your life, one bite at a time. Well, today I will ask you to take two bites. Just grab some pen and paper and make these two lists:

  1. List of all the things you like to achieve in 2018
  2. List of all things that are keeping you from not accomplishing what you want to achieve

The first list is clear; you write down all the things you like to achieve in 2018. For the second list I give you a few examples:

  • You are spending a lot of time on social media? Stop looking at it all day, only look at certain times and give yourself a time limit.
  • You watch series? Stop watching series every day. Give yourself the treatment of only watching series over the weekends.
  • You think doing groceries is a time waste? Order your groceries online.
  • You don’t like to bring the kids to soccer every Saturday? Ask your partner to do it every second week.
  • You always go on smoking breaks, and there for your work is not finished? Stop smoking.

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#2 Take charge of your life

The second step is taking charge of your life. Most people seem to have the habit of looking back at last year in regret. You might think things as:

  • Body: I didn’t get the body I wanted to.
  • Work: I didn’t find a new job.
  • Love: I didn’t get this amazing loving partner.
  • Finance: I didn’t get the financial stability that I want.
  • Family: I didn’t move to a bigger house.

Regrets, make you put all you desires in a negative perspective. This year you are going to do it different, you will look backward with a positive focus. Making a list of all the things from last year you are happy for, will reward you in 2018. What I would love to see is that 2018 really is going to be your best year, and continue that feeling every single year. So, let’s see how you could also can look back at last year using the same bullet points as above:

  • Body: I have a new haircut and it looks amazing. I am proud that I go to the gym once a week.
  • Work: I got a new colleague who really inspires me, and I like the new assignment I am working on.
  • Love: I had an amazing short relationship of 3 months that touched made me feel desirable and loved. I now know for sure I like to be with a sportive partner.
  • Finance: Out of 12 months I have paid my rent 10 times on time. I have managed to pay off my student loan, and give my sister and loving parents a big birthday present.
  • Family: This year I changed the design of my kitchen, and the bigger dining table is amazing for our family dinners. I really enjoy this space in my house.

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#3 Be True be You

The last step is to be truly yourself. It is important that you know WHY you like to reach certain goals, and attract that emotional thought to the goal. In my example, I again use the 5 bullet points from the other 2 steps and attached an emotion to it.

  • Body: I want to feel more energized so I can play with my children after work, and see them growing up. I also like to help my parents when they are in need of care. I want to wear the clothes that makes me feel wonderful.
  • Work: I know I will change my job in the upcoming year. I will earn 15% more than in my current job and I’m allowed to work 2 days from home. I’m allowed to spend 10 % of my time on taking that course that will make me knowledge and output for the company.
  • Love: I will sign myself in on 2 online dating sites. I will only go on a date after I had a call with the person, so I cannot get disappointed again. I know what I want in a partner, the person need to uplift my feelings and understand my perspective in life.
  • Finance: The upcoming year I will grow financially stronger, and learn how to save money. This summer I will take a trip to South France ,and give my children the best holiday they dreamed of.
  • Family: I will buy some home interior magazines and look together with the children what kind of house they like. In 2018 I will save 15 % of my salary, so I can buy a bigger house in 2020 .

You feel inspired?

Are you ready to take action? You can start today by following the three steps from above, and grab your calendar make a note on Thursday the 28th of December; You can join my FREE LIVE WORKSHOP that will be focused on HOW TO GET SUCCESFUL IN 2018. I will tell you all about above steps, AND REVEAL TWO EXTRA steps to make sure you will have a great start of the New Year. Sign up here: Free live Workshop.

With love,

Inge Hart